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Archa Joshi is a first generation South Asian-American actor and performer based in New York. She is a classically trained Kathak dancer along with her training in acting, music, and other dance styles, including, but not limited to, Bhangra (so much so that she was captain of her college bhangra team, Gamecock Bhangra), Lavani, Bollywood, and Swing dancing.


Archa was also a Spring 2019 core member of Kalakars, an artistic collective where she collaborates with other South Asian artists to tell and nurture stories.

She is very fond of her parents and brothers as well as her grandparents, aunts, and uncles, whom all have tremendously inspired her throughout her life. From them, she gets her love for learning and courage for trying new things. Each year she tries to learn at least one new skill; over the years, she has learned several instruments, different dance styles, kicking ass and taking names in kickboxing, and being a badass in the aerial arts.


When Archa isn't doing what she loves, she is eating (such a foodie), traveling, marketing, reading (she loves herself some Marvel comics), learning new skills, and hanging out with her amazing friends.




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